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What is Zenon Panel?

Zenon Panel ® system is applied for the first time in the early 1970s in USA. Production technology was improved in Europe at the 80s. It is a modern building material with the rapidly increasing use all over the world. Zenon Panel is produced with a braided steel wire mesh via inserted various thicknesses of expended polystyrene material. In the direction of the tensile strength of the skeleton of the panel consists of 3 mm diameter, low-carbon steel. Specially designed mesh provides the rigidity and strength of the Zenon Panel system. There are 200 nodes per square meter. There is no distinction at any point, continuity poses.

Zenon Panel application map
Zenon Panel katalog
Montaj kılavuzu

Where is Zenon Panel used?

zenon panel section view zenon penel construction material dimensions
Perspective view Cross-sectional view

Plastered or concrete poured on site after installation is used. Factory to the construction site of a building material until assembly is lighter than ever. (3,5 - 4 kg/m2). Horizontal and vertical transport is very easy.

Zenon Panel kafes donatısı
With a registered patent Zenon Panel reinforcement cage has 100 cross-link per square meter.
  • Heat and sound insulated exterior walls,
  • Heat and sound insulated interior walls,
  • Roof and normal floor construction,
  • One-and two-story masonry buildings as a carrier system,
  • Strengthening of reinforced concrete buildings damaged, moderately damaged frame system,
  • Special-purpose projects.
Zenon Panel® system can be easily used in residences, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, factories, offices, cold stores, coops, animal shelters, etc.. In addition, as a carrier for masonry buildings, steel buildings, prefabricated structures can be used as a divisive internal and external walls. There is no size and usage limit. It provides sound insulation between rooms, That is very useful especially for hotel rooms.

Applications and tests

Insulated roof application Exterior wall application
Zenon Panel slab load bearing test Zenon Panel wall impact resistance test
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