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Zenon Panel 10 cm Panel 13 cm Panel
duvar uygulaması çatı uygulaması
Zenon Panel is the most economic insulated wall system. It eliminates the costs of block wall and thermal insulation.
Installation of Zenon Panels can be done in a practical manner. Each panel is longer than 7m. It eliminates and saves application time of thermal insulation.
Provides design freedom
Thanks to the flexible structure of the panel it can be easily shaped as required. Zenon Panel provides wide design freedom.
Zenon panel is very lightweight (4,5kg / m 2). By this way, it provides greatly reducesthe wall weights.
Save space
Zenon Panel does not built on the slabs like traditional walls. Zenon Panels are coated to outside surface of the façade. So this provides gaining 20-25 cm space in every linear meter of the façade.
Excellent durable thermal and sound isolation
7.5 to 8.5 - 10.5 cm. thick polystyrene material (EPS) that is placed in Zenon Panel provides high qualith thermal and sound isolation.
Thanks to the special design braided steel truss system, Zenon Panel is very resistant and strong.
Unaffected by storms
In accredited laboratories up to 200 km / h speed wind load has been tested on Zenon Panel wall. Storms can't damage Zenon Panel wall and roof system.
Earthquaqe resistant
Zenon Panel wall is anchored to the building's structural system so it does not collapse, split or such cases during earthquake.
No waste
Zenon Panels can be cut of easily and two pieces can be easily combined so waste does not occur. In addition, any wastage can not be seen during transport and handling of material.
Installations is quite practical
The installation of water and electricity systems are very practical. Tubes can be easily passed through the gap between E.P.S. and steel mesh.
Does not require skilled labour
Zenon montage of the panel is very simple. It can easily be installed by a wall and iron masters.
Thanks to the Zenon Panel's steel truss system and dual-layer cement based plaster, it is seen that Zenon Panel wall is bulletproof. It is tested with pistols and rifles with most effective distance and angles.